Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Next Day

Another day and I am still working on the necklace from Ronna Sarvas Weltman book, the first project. It is not easy with two small children around but I am doing fine.
I have made a few more beads. The String Bead took me a while to do, I even made it twice..

Then I've decided that this bead doesn't look good with other beads. In description it is said to do 20 mm base bead, but with strings, mine became way too

I had to start again...

The other beads turned out quite nicely, of course this is a "pre-baked" shoot.

I have some problems with following the color recipes, especially those where cadmium yellow is used. I had to do ringed bead twice, and even after second time I think it is still too yellowish, the dots look better tho...

In the end of the day I had a few to bake...but after baking...I had an unpleasant surprise...

I made those four on cork clay base bead, but I am not sure what went wrong.
Possibly I should have waited until cork clay beads dry up (it wasn't mentioned in the book and I was afraid the clay won't stick to the cork beads if I do this)
So now I have to redo all of them plus the string bead;) Maybe I will use aluminum foil base beads this time round, or I will do one with "DRIED-first" cork clay bead...don't know yet, I have to order some more translucent clay first!

This is a shoot from another project I have started a few days ago

This is Pivot Bead Strand project designed by Maggie Maggio, another great polymer artist whose book I have proudly own. I have to do some of those beads again. I used colors with too much white in it and some variations turned out too opaque...

"(...)In every situations, at the beginning or end of the work day, you have a choice. You can look back or you can look forward. My advice: Look forward. Always think about next day(...)." Twyla Tharp.


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