Monday, 2 March 2015


Not everyone knows but I run two blogs (one for illustration-at least it supposed to be just for it and family related ideas, and this one was for polymer clay related stuff only). I found this quite overwhelming over the time, especially as I didn't want to create another studio page on FB. I decided to merge both in one - The Little Land, therefore I have changed my FB studio name from Stone Studio to Little Land and my old/new blog (the one for illustration only) will be, from now on, for all my creative spirits to fly around Emotikon smile Feel warmly welcome to pop around, leave a comment or two, join or just say "Hi"

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Little Princess

 A Little Princess it is! Doesn't she look adorable, with those tiny heart shapes? I think she does, and would suit any Little Girls bedroom :)

I made another one, with a little more heart shapes all around. Originally I left a bit of space on the bottom of the frame, to place there a bigger heart with a child's name on, but it is all gone now ;)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hawe you seen any fairies lately?

One of my favourite creatures from my childhood are fairies. I always felt they exist and often had dreams about flying and meeting them...I still would love to do that! Well no fairies come to me yet,  so I made myself a fairy polymer clay pictures instead...I like how they turned out, especially the second one as is more delicate. I think I will keep one of them for my daughters' room as they keep complaining I am only making things for others;)...

Monday, 13 January 2014

Woodlands Creatures series

It has been a while since my last post. Not because I wasn't doing anything, but actually the opposite. I was working hard to prepare some of my polymer clay pictures for my daughter's Christmas Fayre at her school, as well as I was finishing some of my earlier projects. I am going to post some of the pictures within this week so stay tuned! "Woodlands Creatures"...It took me a while to finish those, despite the fact it is just 9 of them all together. I had my ups and downs, but I am happy how they had turned out. What do you think? Do you like them? It would be nice to get some feedback :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Which animal are you?

I have finished working on first couple of my "Woodlands Little Creatures" series. Another three done, but I can't say I am proud of this trio. I recognize my mistakes and I need to work on them.
Anyway, here they are: a (small this time) hare, also small raccoon and a fox.....I won't lie if I say I repainted them at least four times each...I had sorts of difficulties while making them, completely opposite to the first three I made which I painted just once (!) each and the difference it is easily seen - at least for me. So I am not a happy bunny and I am working on new ones. This is not something I want to carry for a long time, rathere a limited collection of 6-10 brooches. Idealy I would like to finish them whithin those two weeks and start something different.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Brooches. Woodland Little Creatures. Series I

Did I mentioned already that I love brooches? Well, let me say that once more. I really do. As I was working with my bird pendants I came to a conclusion that a face within a bird it is just too much. Although it has a personal meaning for me, it is just too much to take on, especially with strings and beads and so. It works well as a window decoration or something to hang around the kitchen, or a door, but not necessarily as a pendant. Anyway, as I had a few faces made already, I came with an idea to use them in a different way. I made a limited (?) collection of woodlands brooches.
So here they are. I fell in love with them from the first sight, didn't you?

After some sanding and a bit of paint my work was done. Here are the first three. A Raccoon, An Owl and A Hare. I am just not sure if I wll stop after those six as I already have ideas for more.....

A back of The Hare...

And a back of The Raccoon..

While I was busy painting my brooches...Matylda and Liliana were busy painting theirs...I am so exited that my two little girls are finally big enough to just simply play and paint alongside me with concentration and joy on their little faces. We had such a great evening together.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brooch - series I

As I mentioned already, I promised to myself to finish off (or at least try) projects, I have already started. One of them is this brooch I am currently working on. I am more of an abstract person than a figurative one if it comes to paintings (unless we are talking illustrations). I love color and composition. The relationship between texture/size/shape. I always was more interested in pure color and shadows in between shapes than still life itself. I am a big fan of Mark Rothko and Paul Klee. I can't wait to explore the subject of color and texture more, and see what happens.

This particular brooch is just an experiment done long ago, never finished, abandoned...and one of my first ever polymer clay attempts. But...The time has come - along with The Autumn - which I believe is a season of brooches of all sizes and shapes...