Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An Angel picture - finish

I finally manage to finish my Angel picture, and today the picture happily wandered to the new owners. I hope they will like it as much as I do. I managed to take some photos of it to share with you.
I am quite happy with the final "look and feel" of it. Again it took me a while before I decided what
I would like to do with the background. I change my mind twice to finally came up with this one. I am not sure if it shows on the photos but colours match perfectly with each other. I was afraid it would turn to yellowish in the end but it didn't. I mixed some golden paint along with two shades of yellow and white paint, also I added some textures on flat stars as you can see on the close ups.

I also painted one of my Harlequin faces. The first two I made a year ago (you can check it here). I prepared them as magnets, but  this time I am going to do a picture perhaps.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

An Angel picture part II.

Hello Everyone :) I am quite busy lately in my studio finishing my Angel picture and experimenting in a meantime. I did all the parts I needed, now just painting and gluing left. It looks interesting already, laying just on the ceramic tile. Don't you think? :)

I have some sort of a shadow frame for it, not sure if it will fit under the glass tho. I have to distress it all with gold and white paint. This should look lovely., at least I hope so....

In a meantime I almost finish my Harlequin face and made another one half way through. I need to take pictures of them. I just forgot again.

Here is another experiment I did yesterday while waiting for my angel's bits to bake:

I used parts from the cane I did earlier. Quite like the composition and contrast from this little red part on the edge of black base, but I am going to change it for blue, with distress. Also I am going to work on the base color, add another layer to both shell shapes maybe. Generally I treat it as a good start for something interesting here.
Obviously everyone could easily see I am under big influence of Ronna Sarvas Weltman at the moment. Personally I don't mind this as through centuries artists use to learn different techniques by coping the best artists they could find. I highly admire Ronna's work, I just hope I will be able to add my own dimention, and new touch to it in the "not so far away" future. I know it won't be easy but I like chalenges.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

An Angel picture

I have some commissions I am working on at the moment, another three polymer clay doll's pictures. Hurray!
One of them is An Angel, golden-white with some additional polymer clay bits on the background. Here is a quick preview of the angel:

I still need to paint it, add the wings, and feet. Obviously I need to do the frame with the background as well to finish it off.

While I am working on the pictures I do some canes in a meantime, from my scraps. With those ones left after making the angel, I made a cane I am going to use with my next Harlequin face.

I have to remember to leave it for a while before reducing, to minimise distortions. How long do you usually wait? Do you leave it for a night or just for a few minutes/hours? Do you wait at all? I will happily learn from the experience of others if you want to share :))

Hope you had a wonderful an peaceful weekend!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How do you price your unique pieces?

I just came upon a great observation post about pricing, on the blog I found just yesterday.  You can find it up here. This post led me to thinking about how accurate my own prices are. This is always hard, most of my items I often sell under priced  and as often people attitude is as this first women mentioned in the post...anyway, a while ago, I found another great post about pricing and valuating your own creations, you will find it here and has a great picture which came along with it....

What do you think about this FORMULA? I hope one day I will be able to actually use it :)))

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Obstacle is the mother of invention

I have finally finished the frame for the doll I showed you yesterday. Here is how it turned out:

I quite like it, although next time I will do some sort of ground/grass as well instead of just a coat of paint. Interestingly, my biggest struggle was the frame itself. This was my first time I had to distress or prepare a frame.
I had a different idea in mind. I wanted to place the doll on its own in the middle of the frame decorated with some polymer clay flowers. I planed to paint the background blue and the frame red. Later in the evening I found my acrylic paints to be dried out and I ended up just with gold and red one... Obstacle is the mother of invention and pure creativity. I learnt this very well when I was at my university. Each time when we were told just to "create something"the outcome was OK, but not spectacular. The more obstacles we had the more interesting and creative the final results were.

It was way too late to pop up to the shop to buy a new paint set and I HAD to finish it for today, so..here it is.. I think it looks lovely and I already have some ideas for whole new set.
Let me know what do you think, do you like how it turned out?
If you like it or would you like to have similar one, fell free to leave a comment or to email me :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

a gift for a friend

It has been a while since I made those dollies, but I made a new one a few days ago for my colleague's daughter who is nine tomorrow. 

She is a lot bigger than the ones I made as a magnets, here you have a photo for comparison:

They actually look like a mum with her daughter, when standing together :)

The detail on her dress isn't what I was looking for in the first place but I think it turned out rather nice.

I am going to frame her. I went to the car boot market on Sunday morning and found a few treasures there to work on:

Now I need to prepare this one for a bigger doll, just need to get rid of the bird first....

I think this one for a smaller doll will be perfect, just need a coat of paint and some finishing

Well, go back to my table now, I need to finish one for tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


When I started this blog I had a few project runing in one time, none of them was actually finished.
Now, over a year later I decided to finish all the pieces I started before moving into the new ones, soo...
One of the project was Pierrot faces, I made two back then, and I have around another fifteen to go (wow)!!

Face is made from a mold. For the frills I made a can inspired by the bird I liked. I am not very good at making those cans yet. Firstly because I don't have so much material as you guys have so my cans are very small to start with...secondly because I am very inpatient...and with cans...this is the biggest sin, is it(?) Photo below are just leftovers I decided to keep and re-use later.

I still need to find right colors for the flowers and feathers on the hat to match my frills beautifully and also I need to paint the face. First time around, I painted the face before baking and the paint actually melted slightly, you can check it here.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Onion Soup

My dinner for today:)) I love soups..especially so delicious as this particular one: onion cream soup topped with spring onion...mmmm...I can still smell it, but it is all gone now :(  Have you got any favourite ones?

Anyway, we had a very rainy day here in Glasgow! On the lawn just in front of my flat, I have a huge "lake like" pond at the moment, at least my daughter thinks so. She came up with brilliant idea earlier on, to play princess who is trapped in the middle of a huge lake, imprisoned in a tower (there is also a quite big stump..) and I am suppose to be her Prince Charming coming to the rescue, and Matylda should be my horse! This is so inspiring and creative. I had an idea myself as well, to create paper boats and let them sail through this huge "sea"..hope this "pond thing" will last until tomorrow to try this out:) Have a nice evening!