Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brooch - series I

As I mentioned already, I promised to myself to finish off (or at least try) projects, I have already started. One of them is this brooch I am currently working on. I am more of an abstract person than a figurative one if it comes to paintings (unless we are talking illustrations). I love color and composition. The relationship between texture/size/shape. I always was more interested in pure color and shadows in between shapes than still life itself. I am a big fan of Mark Rothko and Paul Klee. I can't wait to explore the subject of color and texture more, and see what happens.

This particular brooch is just an experiment done long ago, never finished, abandoned...and one of my first ever polymer clay attempts. But...The time has come - along with The Autumn - which I believe is a season of brooches of all sizes and shapes...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

There is something about Owls...isn't it?

Two years ago I promised my friend I would make her a birthday present. As my younger daughter was just one that time, and I don't have any help around, I was to busy to finish what I started. Unfinished pendant was laying on my shelf for another year. When I finally decided to finish it off, Matylda broke it :/ Well...I though I will make a new one then! I did, but before I could give it to her, someone has stolen it from my polymer treasures box, when I went to some place to show what I do...
Anyway...the time has passed...another year I think, and here we go! I kept my promise - made a pendant and this lovely bracelet as a reward for a really looong waiting. Thank you for your patience Aldona!



I even managed to made one for myself :)


Those are my first bracelets ever, but I am quite pleased how they turned out. I bought the components on ebay mostly. I would prefer to make beads myself, create something more personal. Mabye next time.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bird pendants

Although I had quite a fun making those, I came to the conclusion I am not a pendant person really...
I prefer bracelets or brooches, which are my favourite part of the jewellery and the reason I started playing with polymer clay in the first place. Having said that, as I also keep my promises, I am going to finish the ones I already started and have the birds for. I am not saying I won't make them in the future, but definitely you won't see them here very often.
Those, which I am working on at the moment, where suppose to be "Summer Pendants" and with the summer already behind it is kind of pointless to make them now. I have to add it wasn't my fault I didn't make them on time...You see, I ordered a nice collection of gemstones for my teardrops but apparently they didn't arrive and in the end I didn't get the refund either. I am still working on that matter, but the case is now closed (run out of time) so I don't know if I get the outcome I am looking for. In the meantime I had to make myself my own teardrops from polymer clay. Lesson learned.

After finishing the pendant on the left I decided it is too plain and I changed the form of it for more of the necklace. I needed something different from the two I made and gave away already.


The other one is still in the making but I think I will keep it simple. Nothing hanging around to drive away attention form the bird.

I still have those blue ones and a lovely green to play with, not to mention another three powder pink drops in my "pocket". I didn't decide yet what I will do with the pink ones but I can't wait to work on the blues. I think a raven would be suitable for them. Don't you agree?

Monday, 26 August 2013

tear drop beads

I am still trying to figure out the best possible pattern for me to work around different ideas and mediums. The best one so far is to organize things in batches. I find it hard as I would love to do everything at once, on the other hand this atitude doesn't really serve me (unless the night would magicaly spread for another 16 hours). Heaving this in mind I was busy making some tear-drop beads  along with more new birds to go with my bird necklaces series. I quite like the marble effect on them, although I would prefer a little more of a transculent clay next time around.

After polishing job done I ended up with a few I really liked, especially the green drop and the biggest - blue one. Those two are my favourite and I can't wait to use them!

I was sanding and polishing all evening. Next day I had to cut my finger nails short as I sanded them as well! I found it very daunting task, how do you sand your pieces? By hand? Mechanicaly? Those drops are not so big and really "wobbly and wriggle" when you try to work on them...any sugesstions?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Back in the studio

I am not very good at regular posting I am afraid... the only thing I can say is that I was away on holiday and that my studio space needed cleaning and de-cluttering first. Now I am back on track with plenty of energy and new ideas flying around. Firstly here are some pieces I managed to finish before holiday, not much but already in new homes, which is always a nice feeling.

Another thing, I noticed I have lots of things unfinished, partially designed, or living only in my sketch-the idea-book. Ideally I would like to finish at least some of them before moving into new directions. I know the best part is just messing around but it would be such a nice difference not only produce beads, but also use them in my finished pieces.
This probably happens a lot of time - definitely for me - when I think too much (and this is what I do most of the time) about new designs or inspirations I kind of feel like I already created those pieces. I get this feeling of fulfilment and joy even if something is just in my sketch book. I find it very dangerous state to be in. Instead of actually doing I waste my time thinking about "doing", as this way everything is safe, mistake-free, no waste, no leftovers and no guilt whatsoever!
I am not promising anything, but I will try to behave better. Having just night times to work doesn't help at all but as school starts soon, I hope to get more free time during the day. Figers crossed.