Sunday, 25 September 2011

tu turu...autumn is coming!

It's been a long long holiday for me this year, but all finished and I am back now ready to create!
I have a new work space at home, as my Dear Husband agreed to move my table to separate room and this room is now my almost own little studio space. I can now CLOSE the door and just follow my taughts without worrying that very next day, my liitle two angels are going to put their little fingers in whatever I am currently working on:))
I am trying to update my blog and create separate site for next chalenge I am going to take on board(sshh..), but not sure if it works or I will have to create complitly separate blog for it...will see...
Anyway, I am happy to be back and can't wait to lay my hands on clay again! Hopefully soon I will add some photos of my new space and updates on the work I have begun earlier this year.

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