Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Birds ornaments

A while ago I had a pleasure to participate in preparations for International Women's Day here in  Bridging The Gap - Glasgow, where I do some voluntary work. The event was held in the New Church - Gorbals and all the women had a such a great time. We had a wonderful live music event, some art and craft going and delicious snacks to eat. My part was to prepare a small birds ornaments workshop.
Serching through pinterest to find some inspirations I found quite a few I liked :


After some thinking I started to work on components for future ornaments. For base I used paper mache clay and with my cookies cutters I prepared some bird shapes along with some hearts. It dries quite quickly so you have to work with small amounts each time around, especially if you plan to add some details on top.

I also had to make some charms to hang, small beads with tiny charm bells and tiny "made with love" signs - how cute is that?! Most of the components I bought on ebay from Kitty Pink shop.


In the end, I covered birds and heart shapes with simple washes of acrylic paint and I was ready for the workshops. It was a big success and a great fun watching how different approach each of the women took. They had to finish them off adding details with the paint pens, string them, add some charms I prepared earlier and job done! Unfortunately I can't add photos from the event as I was soo busy helping around I didn't manage to make any. Luckily I had a few leftovers so I finish them at home and this is how they turned out :

I am going to give them away next Thursday at BTG for those who couldn't come for the event.
Anyway, it's been a while since my last post, hopefully with the Spring finally coming, brighter sky outside and some spells of Sun I will manage to stay focus and create some nice artwork again.
I am going to make those birds again for start as I bought paper mache clay and more components for myself as well. Stay tuned!

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