Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brooch - series I

As I mentioned already, I promised to myself to finish off (or at least try) projects, I have already started. One of them is this brooch I am currently working on. I am more of an abstract person than a figurative one if it comes to paintings (unless we are talking illustrations). I love color and composition. The relationship between texture/size/shape. I always was more interested in pure color and shadows in between shapes than still life itself. I am a big fan of Mark Rothko and Paul Klee. I can't wait to explore the subject of color and texture more, and see what happens.

This particular brooch is just an experiment done long ago, never finished, abandoned...and one of my first ever polymer clay attempts. But...The time has come - along with The Autumn - which I believe is a season of brooches of all sizes and shapes...

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