Monday, 2 September 2013

Brooches. Woodland Little Creatures. Series I

Did I mentioned already that I love brooches? Well, let me say that once more. I really do. As I was working with my bird pendants I came to a conclusion that a face within a bird it is just too much. Although it has a personal meaning for me, it is just too much to take on, especially with strings and beads and so. It works well as a window decoration or something to hang around the kitchen, or a door, but not necessarily as a pendant. Anyway, as I had a few faces made already, I came with an idea to use them in a different way. I made a limited (?) collection of woodlands brooches.
So here they are. I fell in love with them from the first sight, didn't you?

After some sanding and a bit of paint my work was done. Here are the first three. A Raccoon, An Owl and A Hare. I am just not sure if I wll stop after those six as I already have ideas for more.....

A back of The Hare...

And a back of The Raccoon..

While I was busy painting my brooches...Matylda and Liliana were busy painting theirs...I am so exited that my two little girls are finally big enough to just simply play and paint alongside me with concentration and joy on their little faces. We had such a great evening together.


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