Sunday, 9 October 2011

progress update

I've promised you an update on my beads, some photos in a they are, although there was no proper day light here all weekend (I live in Glasgow and it is very gloomy here recently...)
I tried my best to do some proper shoots, I don't have a great camera either but the result isn't that bad.

First are the beads from the bracelet project. I have mentioned before I had some troubles making colors as they should be but I think I accidentally found the reason. Not too sure yet if this is the real reason, but I've noticed that Premo has different shades of gold and what I was using was an antique gold...not just pure gold color. Maybe this is the reason why my gold was so powerful in my beads and turned everything in the sea green shade? My new polymer clay order will be with me soon so I will be able to check this out.
I made a focal bead for this bracelet as well, but I can't find those spacer heishi beads which I am looking for anywhere on, so the project has to wait now...

This is the best close up of the focal bead from pendant I am doing for my friend...I would like to finish this with some silver wire beads maybe, not sure exactly what I will do in the end. The bead is quite strong already with the shape and color. I have to decide, I was also thinking about some small coral-marble beads on top of it, will see... This is my first attempt of sanding and buffing, it is not as smooth as I would like it to be. I didn't expect it is so easy to destroy the shape...You can notice the shape lost a little bit of its curve on the orange part....

And the last photo from today is the update on what I've got in total so far...the beads are not polished and finished yet (with brown shoe polish, acrylic paint  and so on) I can't wait to the final result....

And today I made a whole bunch of oats cookies for my children...yummy yummy...little hands have found them already!

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