Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Liliana's necklace

I wasn't here for a loong while, but I am back now. You think you will do 'this or that' next day, week and not knowing when, another month is gone. I haven't been far tho, I have another blog The Little Land so If I am not here you can check me out over there  :))

I am working on Liliana's necklace at the moment. It is going to be a present for her 5th birthday (this Sunday!). I can't imagine she will be FIVE! How come? When? As far as I remember She was just born!

24 06 2007

Now she is going to school in August and tomorrow we are invited to her graduation party at the nursery.

Liliana 5 years old

I am afraid I will have to prepare a whole bunch of tissues for tomorrow....

Anyway, I want to make a beautiful necklace for Her and I have just right idea I think.

Yes, I have a rubbish camera, I hope one day I will buy a new one, but for now this have to be...

I made this rose can a loong time ago, it had white all around as well. I tried to do Charles Rennie Mackintosh style rose. It was my first attempt to do a flower can or a can anyway, so I think it didn't turn bad. The biggest mistake I did was use of different brands of white. I found one of them to be very brittle.
When I was reducing the can, the red parts came forward as I used this brittle one around petals...I had an idea for this can from the start (a teapot magnet) so I tried to use this unexpected disadvantage in an interesting way an came up with some sort of solution to my problem ( I have to find a picture tho ).

However all together didn't look enough for me so I striped down the can from all the white I could reuse and left just roses in a box for nearly a year. Now the time has come :)!

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