Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ginger Bread House - finish

I read on many other blogs that people where struggling to join the ginger bread house together. My dough get softer after a few days so I left the parts untouched and when they where ready, I decorated them and simply joined all together with...toothpicks....

It is wise to practise decorating on ginger breads first, before moving onto the house itself;) I used simple icing recipe, but I think smoothness and a good quality decorating tools are the key to success.

When I finished practising I let Liliana and Matylda to decorate all the ginger breads left and apparently they did a brilliant job!

We also manage to decorate our windows with cut-out snowflakes and some snow spray. The house is ready for Christmas to come, so we are! Happy Christmas to You All!


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