Saturday, 21 May 2011

learning to waste...

"(...)If you try and it doesn't work You'll try a different way next time. Doing is better than not doing, and if you do something badly you'll learn to do it better(...)"

For a long time one of my worst fears was "what if I will waste..." and here you can put whatever you want, the material, paper, paint, time, energy, what if this won't be good I was keeping my art stuff closed tightly in a box for a time when I will be proficient enough to put them in a good use..and in this way of course I've never become proficient in any of my hidden passions like for example watercolor - the only consolation is that I know I am not alone ,who at least once, was thinking the same...
Anyway, a few years later and I still get this feeling sometimes but finally I started to use my resources instead of just collecting them..yeah!

The next Big Question is - which way to turn and where to start, which idea, project, inspiration...and this is really a hard one for me.
I would love to split into six different people and do everything in one time..but this won't happen unfortunately so as a first step I've decided to just simply follow projects from the books I own and see where this will lead me.

One of my favorite books about polymer clay jewelery is "Ancient Modern" by Ronna Sarvas Weltman, I listed it on the right. I've started to work on the first project listed in the book, and not everything is as easy as it looks.

I know from my experience that skillfulness and easiness come from proficiency and each step takes you closer but how many times you can redo 'simple' holes in a bead?:)

I made them twice and I know I will have to redo them tomorrow as they still look too clumsy and heavy and they are too big anyway...that is all for today, time to bed..:)

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