Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It's been a busy time, as always with two kids around. Matylda started to climb...hard to get head around them now!
I've started to organize myself again, although it is difficult. I try to remember all those lovely parts from Twyla's Tharp book I have read recently, for instance:

"(...)Every day you don't practice you're one day further from being good."
The book (which I found the most suitable and the most inspiring) is full of phrases I would like to remember and practice in real..I even copied some of them to my special notebook to look through when I need an inspiration the most!

Anyway start is always hard,
"(...)whatever your medium, if you've been away from it for a few weeks, the first day are going to be clumsy and fruitless. But the things get easier as the rust falls away(...)"

I started with some exercises I had to do a while ago from another book I deeply admire: Polymer clay: Color Inspiration. From my educational experience I know that despite the fact those small exercises seem so easy or pointless they are in fact very important, useful, and in a long term - irreplaceable.
In this small one I had to do a collage from paper trimmings needed for a further work.

After about two or three ours of cutting and sticking this is what I ended up with:

It wasn't that easy as I thought. It took me a while to stick those cuts in a proper way, but as it is a warm-up, I was having fun:)

I've decided to finish some old stuff I've begun to work on when I discovered polymer:

Inspired by some polymer art faces pictures I found on the Internet and the wrapping from the push-molds I decided to have a go. I have a bunch of ideas in my mind already how to use them so this will be my other ongoing project.
Check out for the progress as I have quite a few to do :-)

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