Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I need a new camera!

Ahhh well...I think my camera is broken. This is a bad news for me but in the same way it was already on my list of things I need to buy soon. I just wasn't expecting to have to buy one so soon tho ;)).
It was fine one day and the next weird streaks started to appear on the screen when focus button is pressed. We where at the park and we took some photographs, but Liliana took some at home without my knowledge (she isn't allowed to take camera)...and from that point the streaks appear...

I found this on the SD card

This is really lovely picture :) But you can spot those streaks quite easily...anyway, I look through the photographs she has taken to check it out.The first one is fine, the second one she looks at the camera herself, but stands against the sun and the streaks are there. I think she pressed the focus buton too long or something. I just don't know what happened really.

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