Tuesday, 28 August 2012

some new work.......... finally

I have tried to sit behind my polymer table for a while already. I just couldn't get into my routine again.
When I finally did sit, I wasn't happy at all with what I made and I squashed everything in one big lump of clay. I took some pictures of the process for a learning purpose, but I didn't manage to take pictures of the final pieces. It was too dark with my artificial light and I just remind myself I wanted to take the pictures in the morning. It is I just forget later on, and before realising I don't have those pictures, I squashed everything :( Obviously I regret now, lesson learnt - always, ALWAYS wait until next day before destroying your work!

Yesterday I tried to make another version of the pendant I am working on, but I am affraid it is too big again, means too heavy. Having in mind I want to add some beads here and there, it really can be too heavy at the momment. This is my first pendant I am working on and as I am rather a begginer with polymer clay - all is new to me. Mabye I should try to use ultra light polymer clay as a core bead...I will have to consider it.

Did you noticed I don't have streaks on the second photo? This is really a mystery to me, mabye it is just about particular settings and artificial lightining? I will have to check it tomorow morning.

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