Friday, 3 August 2012

Out and About

It was quite sunny last week here. I tried to go out with Liliana and Matylda as much as possible, enjoyed the sun and a bit of our long lost summer. I am always amazed with children's admiration of the world. Even the tiniest of all insects can be in the center of the their attention.
I try to learn from them how to admire the nature around me despite of the gray shades of every day life.
It was a lot easier when I was a teenager without much of the responsibilietes of the adoulthood.
I can still stare for hours at the sky and the passing clouds. I still have a smile on my face when I run  through the field without my shoes on, when I try to feel the softeness of the sand on the beach or when I try to do a sandcastle with a flag made from a lolypop stick and a buble gum paper. I am not all lost yet, at least I like to think so :)

I hope you had a lovely week as well!

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