Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Back in the studio

I am not very good at regular posting I am afraid... the only thing I can say is that I was away on holiday and that my studio space needed cleaning and de-cluttering first. Now I am back on track with plenty of energy and new ideas flying around. Firstly here are some pieces I managed to finish before holiday, not much but already in new homes, which is always a nice feeling.

Another thing, I noticed I have lots of things unfinished, partially designed, or living only in my sketch-the idea-book. Ideally I would like to finish at least some of them before moving into new directions. I know the best part is just messing around but it would be such a nice difference not only produce beads, but also use them in my finished pieces.
This probably happens a lot of time - definitely for me - when I think too much (and this is what I do most of the time) about new designs or inspirations I kind of feel like I already created those pieces. I get this feeling of fulfilment and joy even if something is just in my sketch book. I find it very dangerous state to be in. Instead of actually doing I waste my time thinking about "doing", as this way everything is safe, mistake-free, no waste, no leftovers and no guilt whatsoever!
I am not promising anything, but I will try to behave better. Having just night times to work doesn't help at all but as school starts soon, I hope to get more free time during the day. Figers crossed.

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