Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bird pendants

Although I had quite a fun making those, I came to the conclusion I am not a pendant person really...
I prefer bracelets or brooches, which are my favourite part of the jewellery and the reason I started playing with polymer clay in the first place. Having said that, as I also keep my promises, I am going to finish the ones I already started and have the birds for. I am not saying I won't make them in the future, but definitely you won't see them here very often.
Those, which I am working on at the moment, where suppose to be "Summer Pendants" and with the summer already behind it is kind of pointless to make them now. I have to add it wasn't my fault I didn't make them on time...You see, I ordered a nice collection of gemstones for my teardrops but apparently they didn't arrive and in the end I didn't get the refund either. I am still working on that matter, but the case is now closed (run out of time) so I don't know if I get the outcome I am looking for. In the meantime I had to make myself my own teardrops from polymer clay. Lesson learned.

After finishing the pendant on the left I decided it is too plain and I changed the form of it for more of the necklace. I needed something different from the two I made and gave away already.


The other one is still in the making but I think I will keep it simple. Nothing hanging around to drive away attention form the bird.

I still have those blue ones and a lovely green to play with, not to mention another three powder pink drops in my "pocket". I didn't decide yet what I will do with the pink ones but I can't wait to work on the blues. I think a raven would be suitable for them. Don't you agree?

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