Wednesday, 28 August 2013

There is something about Owls...isn't it?

Two years ago I promised my friend I would make her a birthday present. As my younger daughter was just one that time, and I don't have any help around, I was to busy to finish what I started. Unfinished pendant was laying on my shelf for another year. When I finally decided to finish it off, Matylda broke it :/ Well...I though I will make a new one then! I did, but before I could give it to her, someone has stolen it from my polymer treasures box, when I went to some place to show what I do...
Anyway...the time has passed...another year I think, and here we go! I kept my promise - made a pendant and this lovely bracelet as a reward for a really looong waiting. Thank you for your patience Aldona!



I even managed to made one for myself :)


Those are my first bracelets ever, but I am quite pleased how they turned out. I bought the components on ebay mostly. I would prefer to make beads myself, create something more personal. Mabye next time.

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