Sunday, 22 July 2012

An Angel picture

I have some commissions I am working on at the moment, another three polymer clay doll's pictures. Hurray!
One of them is An Angel, golden-white with some additional polymer clay bits on the background. Here is a quick preview of the angel:

I still need to paint it, add the wings, and feet. Obviously I need to do the frame with the background as well to finish it off.

While I am working on the pictures I do some canes in a meantime, from my scraps. With those ones left after making the angel, I made a cane I am going to use with my next Harlequin face.

I have to remember to leave it for a while before reducing, to minimise distortions. How long do you usually wait? Do you leave it for a night or just for a few minutes/hours? Do you wait at all? I will happily learn from the experience of others if you want to share :))

Hope you had a wonderful an peaceful weekend!


  1. Woow przepiękne rzeczy tworzysz !!!
    Laleczki/aniołeczki są przesłodkie, aż chce się
    je przytulać :-)
    Pozdrawiam :-)

  2. Tkanks for stopping by Ania, your blog is full of beautiful things as well :))

  3. I usually do not wait to reduce a cane as it needs to warm up to reduce properly. I will let it rest after reduction and before cutting it :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Chris, I need to remember this :))