Sunday, 8 July 2012


When I started this blog I had a few project runing in one time, none of them was actually finished.
Now, over a year later I decided to finish all the pieces I started before moving into the new ones, soo...
One of the project was Pierrot faces, I made two back then, and I have around another fifteen to go (wow)!!

Face is made from a mold. For the frills I made a can inspired by the bird I liked. I am not very good at making those cans yet. Firstly because I don't have so much material as you guys have so my cans are very small to start with...secondly because I am very inpatient...and with cans...this is the biggest sin, is it(?) Photo below are just leftovers I decided to keep and re-use later.

I still need to find right colors for the flowers and feathers on the hat to match my frills beautifully and also I need to paint the face. First time around, I painted the face before baking and the paint actually melted slightly, you can check it here.

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