Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Obstacle is the mother of invention

I have finally finished the frame for the doll I showed you yesterday. Here is how it turned out:

I quite like it, although next time I will do some sort of ground/grass as well instead of just a coat of paint. Interestingly, my biggest struggle was the frame itself. This was my first time I had to distress or prepare a frame.
I had a different idea in mind. I wanted to place the doll on its own in the middle of the frame decorated with some polymer clay flowers. I planed to paint the background blue and the frame red. Later in the evening I found my acrylic paints to be dried out and I ended up just with gold and red one... Obstacle is the mother of invention and pure creativity. I learnt this very well when I was at my university. Each time when we were told just to "create something"the outcome was OK, but not spectacular. The more obstacles we had the more interesting and creative the final results were.

It was way too late to pop up to the shop to buy a new paint set and I HAD to finish it for today, so..here it is.. I think it looks lovely and I already have some ideas for whole new set.
Let me know what do you think, do you like how it turned out?
If you like it or would you like to have similar one, fell free to leave a comment or to email me :)

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