Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Onion Soup

My dinner for today:)) I love soups..especially so delicious as this particular one: onion cream soup topped with spring onion...mmmm...I can still smell it, but it is all gone now :(  Have you got any favourite ones?

Anyway, we had a very rainy day here in Glasgow! On the lawn just in front of my flat, I have a huge "lake like" pond at the moment, at least my daughter thinks so. She came up with brilliant idea earlier on, to play princess who is trapped in the middle of a huge lake, imprisoned in a tower (there is also a quite big stump..) and I am suppose to be her Prince Charming coming to the rescue, and Matylda should be my horse! This is so inspiring and creative. I had an idea myself as well, to create paper boats and let them sail through this huge "sea"..hope this "pond thing" will last until tomorrow to try this out:) Have a nice evening!

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