Monday, 9 July 2012

a gift for a friend

It has been a while since I made those dollies, but I made a new one a few days ago for my colleague's daughter who is nine tomorrow. 

She is a lot bigger than the ones I made as a magnets, here you have a photo for comparison:

They actually look like a mum with her daughter, when standing together :)

The detail on her dress isn't what I was looking for in the first place but I think it turned out rather nice.

I am going to frame her. I went to the car boot market on Sunday morning and found a few treasures there to work on:

Now I need to prepare this one for a bigger doll, just need to get rid of the bird first....

I think this one for a smaller doll will be perfect, just need a coat of paint and some finishing

Well, go back to my table now, I need to finish one for tomorrow.

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